We believe your wedding is not just about one day.  It’s about your story leading up to that day and the stories that will come after.  Our mission is for your film to be a piece of family history, for your kids and grandkids to watch as a legacy of who you are and the promises you made to each other.


Our couples say it best...

When wedding planning it’s easy to think of videography as a “nice but not necessary” expense, but I can confidently say after seeing my video I would 100% encourage any bride to get a videographer...The flowers will wilt and when all the drinks are drunk, and cake eaten you’ll have the video to watch over and over...It is quite magical to re-live the day from angles I would have never seen...From the moment Toast showed up till the moment they left, they felt like a natural extension of everything I saw, my third eye. I didn’t even notice they had captured so much until I saw the footage. I loved my wedding day and my video, so a toast to you, for capturing and re-creating my story.
— Bao

If there is one tip I want to give to future brides it’s to get a videography for your big day!!!! Toast was wonderful to work with and we can’t thank them enough for our video. Also, our photographers loved to work with them and appreciated how willing they were to work together to capture the best shot. The big day is so rushed it’s hard to remember all the details and getting to watch our video each anniversary is nothing short of special. Thank you!!!
— Amanda
The team at Toast did a phenomenal job capturing moments from our special day. I still get goosebumps each time I watch it! The videographer worked hard to get to know us and our story. I didn’t realize why this was so important until I saw the video. There are so many small details and images that are not realized or forgotten in the moment. They seemed to know just what to look for and when, blending together a visual narrative that is truly one of a kind. Go with Toast, you wont be disappointed!
— Phillip
I had received wonderful references for their work prior to the wedding, but I had no idea how awesome the final product would actually be! We LOVE our video and are so thankful we have it as a keepsake. We are watching it yet again this weekend - our 1 year anniversary - and reliving the entire experience in such an amazing way. It was such a wonderful and professional experience working with Toast. I also loved how the final video was super original, authentic and actually very artistic. Our families are very happy that we ended up investing in such an incredible documentary-style video. Thank you again, Toast! :)
— Gretchen
Our budget was stretched, so we decided to go with the Highlight Film to save some money. We were so surprised by the quality! They were amazing at capturing all the real unposed moments and making us feel so comfortable in the process...which was great for me because I don’t like being in front of the camera. They even incorporated some footage that my sister took into the final video. I can’t believe that we almost let the additional cost talk us out of having a wedding video. My husband and I have watched it about 100 times!
— Alexis