• Toast Agreement: We just updated the contract and need you to review and sign it to be eligible to shoot for us in the future. The new contract has new language regarding payments (30 days after completion of all tasks) and client cancellations. Everything else is the same!

  • W9

  • Physical address for shipment of drives and location mapping.


Bank & Tax

  • We use this system for booking projects and for payments. You do not need to enter your tax or bank info until you are awarded a job, we will need this in order to pay you.

  • Please ensure your bank and tax info is correct. We are not responsible for late payments due to missing or inaccurate banking information.



  • Here is a list of our territories, if you would like to be added or removed from our territories please let us know (territories subject to change).

  • Alabama, Arkansas, Austin-TX, Central Florida, Chicago, Cincinnati-OH, Cleveland-OH, Colorado, Columbus-OH, Connecticut, DC, Detroit-MI, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Northern Florida, New Orleans-LA, Pittsburgh-PA, Philadelphia-PA, Rhode Island, Savannah-GA, South Carolina, Southern Florida, Saint Louis-MO, Tennessee, Toledo-OH, Virginia, Western Florida, Wisconsin



  • You will receive a request to bid in the territories you have signed up for. Put in your day rate based on the project hours and any travel fees if applicable, and include a note if you like. We award on a rolling basis when we feel like we have enough bids to fulfill the project. Please keep your bids current, we can award at anytime.

  • Please Accept the bids you are interested in bidding on, and Reject them if you are unavailable or not interested. By rejecting you will opt out of emails for that request in the future.

  • Toast chooses who to pair with the wedding, not the client. The client does not see your bids or notes.

  • If you receive requests for multiple projects on the same day, feel free to bid on all or only one and we will make sure to only award one per person. If you have a preference, please leave us a note!

  • We might also send over requests for territories you aren't signed up for in the case we need more bids. Please feel free to reject or bid with travel fees if you are willing and able to shoot.

  • We will not give out average bid prices. Please bid based on your normal hourly rate. Keep in mind that you are only shooting, not editing, communicating with the client, or managing the project. If your bid is outside of what we can pay, we will let you know. We pay competitive, professional rates.


Minimum required equipment

  • 2 Cameras

  • 2 Lenses (Focal length of 24-200mm)

  • 2 Wireless Microphones

  • External Audio Recorder

  • ND Filters

  • 2 Tripods


TRAVEL & Additional fees

  • When bidding on projects, there is a separate line for travel if applicable. See guidelines below.

  • For weddings up to 2 hours away, this line is reserved for mileage (gas and travel time).

  • For weddings that are 2+ hours oneway from your home, it may require an overnight stay. Please bid accordingly and book your own accommodations. We will not pay for a hotel for under 2 hours oneway.

  • For weddings that require a flight, you are responsible for estimating and booking your travel accordingly.

  • We will not pay for travel in advance, you will be paid in full with your day rate after the wedding.

  • Parking and tolls will be reimbursed.

  • Luggage and taxis for air travel weddings will be reimbursed.

  • Please upload the receipts to the files tab of the project task. We cannot reimburse without receipts.



  • In the event you are no longer available for a project, please change your bids to $0.00 so we can make sure not to award you. If your bid is submitted, we will assume you are available and will award requests at any time. Keeping your bids current is very important. We understand that things change in life, but we also take into account any cancellations a videographer makes and their frequency when considering future awards.



  • In the event you are awarded a request, we will send you an email asking for written confirmation of the date, if you do not respond, we will award the project to another Collective Member - please make sure your confirmations are prompt!



  • If you are confirmed on a project, we will send you all pertinent information the Monday before the wedding in a project task. You will also receive a hard drive the week prior to the wedding. By accepting the project task, you are confirming receipt of the information and are ready to shoot!

  • You will not need to speak to the couple before the shoot! We do that for you. In the event that you or the couple would like to connect, we always schedule through Toast with a conference call.

  • If the couple or any vendors contact you outside of the wedding day, please forward the message to us and we will let you know how to proceed.

  • After the shoot we require all hard drives to be sent the Monday after the wedding along with the Post Wedding Questionnaire for the Toast Weddings Team.



  • If the client adds additional hours to the shoot day, we will adjust your day rate accordingly based on your hourly rate.



  • You need to have your Part 107 FAA Certificate on file with us in order to fly a drone - no exceptions. If the project requires a drone it will be noted in the project request. 


second shooters

  • As a Collective, our mission is to be a resource for all of our members - we want everyone to be the best they can be. This is a great opportunity for new videographers to learn from our best! Although the second shooter will be filming, the main shooter is still solely responsible for capturing the wedding as if they were shooting solo. The second shooter is there to learn from the experience, assist the primary shooter with various tasks including running a second camera, and to film their own footage for Toast to review.

  • As a second shooter you have an opportunity to shadow the main videographer. This allows us to review your footage and give you feedback in hopes of getting to a point where we can hire you solo. Although you will be filming, you have no responsibility for getting footage that will be used in the final film, though some of your footage could be used if it's great! This is an unpaid shoot in exchange for shadowing and receiving feedback. Our goal is to help you improve your skills and ultimately become a full member of our Collective in the future.


filming guidelines



  • Upon receiving the project files, we review everything within 10 days. Your payment will be deposited within 30 days of us receiving and confirming the footage, assuming you’ve completed all items associated with the project task and there are no problems.

  • You will receive an email when the payment has been approved for processing (it will generally take about 2 weeks from then to receive payment), and one when the payment has been paid (it should be in your account after 3 business days).

  • Please ensure your bank and tax info is correct. We are not responsible for late payments due to missing or inaccurate banking information.



  • We will add the teasers and final films to your portfolio on the platform as they’re completed so you can see the final product.  You're welcome to share the links to your final films with anyone you would like.

  • You can always add new work to your portfolio on your profile for us to review and consider while awarding requests!

  • We will also send feedback on your films as we upload them to your portfolio.



  • The little bell on the bottom left of your profile menu is a Messaging portal, we’re always available to you via your profile - so let’s keep all messaging in the platform. Let us know if you have any questions anytime!

  • Everyone will need to video chat a member of our team before we can award a project to them.  If you ever want to chat about an issue you've had on a shoot or for tips or feedback, you can schedule a video chat anytime:

Tech support

  • If you have a specific question about using the platform, you can use the chat window in the corner of the dashboard, this will connect you straight to technical support.