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Adobe Premiere CC Teams

You will receive an invite from Toast to join the Adobe Premiere CC Teams account.  This must be sent to an email address that is not already associated with an Adobe account.  This is what you'll use to login to Adobe when working on a Toast project.

Here is a link to some basic information about using Premiere Teams. 


You will receive an invite from Toast to join our project management software, TeamGantt.  TeamGantt is where we will share project details, footage download links, send private messages about the project and you will mark the task complete when you're done with your edit so we will know when you're done.

Collective Platform

You will be notified that a Task has been created within the Collective Platform that will have your project rate attached.  Once the task is complete, you will mark this complete and then we will process your payment as a direct deposit through the platform within 30 days of project completion.


Process guidelines

These guidelines are extensive to start but will become second nature after a few projects.  Happy editing!


For all projects you will be provided the following:

  • Documentation provided in TeamGantt:

    • Day of Timeline (this is what Toast provides the videographer for the day of filming)

    • Couple Questionnaire with preferences (this is what the couple fills out with their preferences on the day)

    • Videographer PostShoot Response (this is what the videographer fills out after the shoot with any notes)

  1. Activate Adobe Premiere CC for Teams (accept invite)

  2. Download PluralEyes here (used for syncing, use as plugin within Premiere)

    • Your license key will be provided separately

Editing Prep

Download all Assets here

*Open Raw Footage Review Page.  Keep this page up as you are doing intake so you can make notes on the project.  This will give us insight into the work of the videographer and also allows us to give feedback to them for future projects.

  1. Open Project “Toast Template” in Premiere (this is NOT the Adobe Team Project. You will complete all the steps below before converting to a Team Project because the footage must be synced with Pluraleyes before converting to Team Project)

    1. Rename the Project File to = Project #_Bride+Groom (the project # can be found in TeamGantt, i.e. 20180607_IN_01)

    2. Organize files into appropriate bins in Project File

      • Reference Videographer Feedback Form, Day Of Details and Questionnaire in TeamGantt while sorting footage

      • Modify clip audio to split stereo into 2 mono tracks within “_InitialFootageImport” sequence.

      • Check for 48000Hz audio. If not 48000Hz, adjust sequence settings to match audio.

      • Check for 60fps or 120fps footage within “_InitialFootageImport” Sequence.

        • Make copy instances of all high frame rate footage

        • Interpret copies to 23.976 as needed (Interpreted footage to be used only for Slo Motion / Non-interpreted footage to be used for syncing clips)

      • Delete any bins that are empty and/or create new bins as needed if not included in template

      • Create color-coded labels for all bins and ensure that clips within bin are labelled to match bin color.

      • Put "Requested Coverage" clips into “RequestedCoverageSelects” Sequence

        • Create Markers to indicate different sections in sequence based on requested footage types

      • Select Music from SongFreedom based on couple’s suggestions in Questionnaire and put in appropriate bin.

        • Username:

        • Password: ToastMusic37!

          • Use “premium songs” only if it is a song the couple suggested, otherwise use the standard license. If "premium song" is necessary, purchase the clip.

          • The couple's suggestions will be for popular music. We need to select 3 songs per project that match the style and tone of the music the couple has suggested.

      • Check for any missing files, there should be at least two camera angles for each sync’d part of the day plus external audio (sometimes internal) -- ceremony, toasts, etc.

      • If anything looks to be missing, skim for missing file numbers in case something didn’t get copied or uploaded.

      • Skim through timeline to check for correct audio sync

    3. Put all Full Day Film clips / audio into PreSync Sequence

    4. Sync Full Day Film clips / audio using PluralEyes

      • Copy Synced timeline into “_FullDayFilm” Sequence

      • Mute all tracks that we will not be using, giving priority to direct feed or lavalier.

    5. Edit the “Names” title template within “_Template” bin (check spelling of couples names)

    6. Check audio to ensure all tracks are able to be separated i.e. (stereo tracks need to be separated into independent mono tracks)

  2. Edit Full Day Film

    1. This is a technical edit that allows the couple to watch the entire day in real time.

    2. Include the following clips if available (also include other 'stand-alone' parts of the day):

      • Full Ceremony

      • Couple Interviews (if applicable)

      • Couple Reading Letters to each other (if applicable)

      • First Look (if applicable)

      • Reception Speeches

      • Scheduled Dances

      • Cake Cutting

    3. General Rules

      • Do not include any clips the couple would not want to see

      • No time limit

      • No music included, only camera or voice audio

      • Keep it simple!

      • Create transitions but keep them simple

      • Ensure Audio levels are consistent throughout

  3. Edit Teaser

    1. See example here

    2. General Rules:

      • 45-60 seconds long

      • Use a variety of clips to showcase the environment, the couple, details, etc. Paint a picture of the day.

      • Select a few clips to use as VO to create a short story that elicits emotion and has a clear ending.


  1. Convert the "non-team project" to a "Team Project" and share with (Clayton).

  2. When you are finished editing you will click "Share my Changes" at the bottom of the Adobe Premiere Project window.

  3. Send a message in TeamGantt notifying the team you have completed the initial edit. Please tag @JuliannaOates and @ClaytonKruger. If you have any notes, questions or comments on the edit enter them within TeamGantt.

  4. Toast will review the edit internally and provide any notes using markers within Premiere. If we have any notes we will "Share the Changes" in Premiere, send a note in TeamGantt and you will be able to complete the edit. You may need to click "Get latest Changes" so they will appear in the project.

  5. When your edit is complete, Toast will mark it 100% within TeamGantt.

  • Toast will handle the following to complete the project:

    • Color Grading

    • Audio Mixing and Mastering

    • Final Render and Upload

    • Client Edit Requests

  • TeamGantt is your calendar and all due dates within this platform are expected to be taken as the hard due date for any project you are assigned to. Please follow the due dates as we will assume all edits will be shared on time if you are assigned to the task within TeamGantt. Missed due dates are taken VERY SERIOUSLY as they could potentially create a late delivery to our clients.


Technical Guidelines

  1. Audio tracks 1 & 2 are for vocals, 3 is for music. The vocal tracks feed into the submix track with a multiband compressor, and the master track has a hard limiter to prevent peaking.

  2. A-Roll with story elements should stay on V1, with all B-Roll clips on V2, V3, etc.

  3. Anamorphic Aspect Ratio

    1. Because of the sequence’s aspect ratio being anamorphic, shots have to be nested before applying warp stabilizer.

    2. Adjust shot's vertical orientation within the anamorphic frame so every shot frame is the best it can be.  i.e.Don't let people's foreheads or feet get off.

  4. Timing: please make sure the films are within 15 seconds (+ or -) of the Film Type length.


Film Types

  1. Classic - 6 minutes // MOST POPULAR

  2. Teaser - 45-60 seconds

  3. Highlight - 3 minutes

  4. Feature - 10 minutes

*The Film Type will be identified in the project details within the TeamGantt Task.